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Monday, October 20, 2008

planes trains & automobiles... up at 6 am after a gig, beer, whiskey and a late night joint. feeling pretty rough after a three hour sleep. the upshot was, I slept through most of the subsequent flight to newark, train to NYC & bus to Boston. 

the bon accord had been packed with saturday night punters. mic showed up without a tuner and a shit capo & couldn't keep his guitar in tune. first set was shit. it's  so dispiriting when you can't even get it together to play in tune. such a basic thing. the punters didn't seem to mind though. I love Glaswegians... so enthusiastic & forgiving. then craig showed up with a good capo. we took a break, drank some beer, tuned up, & cooked up a fantastic second set. a wall of acoustic noise & spontaneous harmony vocals all backed up with some inspired, musical percussion from ian. closed out the night, sweaty & high. colors bleeding into each other, dark stained oak panels & preposterous imperial red carpets & dreadful off white tiles pulsated with the electrons we'd dislocated. made 30 quid. which was 30 quid more than i was expecting. i celebrated by forgetting about my imminent early start going off to oran mor for whiskey.

walked home along empty streets made slick with wet leaves, illuminated by the hideous piss-yellow glaswegian streetlamps. drizzle & wind. hood up. head down. crept, quietly upstairs, embarrassed by the screaming that'd been going on in our flat & conscious of it being 0230 in the AM. sat on the ledge outside the window & smoked a joint, a gift from a musician friend. ate leftovers. packed my stuff & lay in bed, thoughts racing. had pola arrived in calgary? would i really not see her for 5 weeks? was this a day in the life of a musician? with all the waiting, disorganization & sudden breakthroughs? was i going to catch up on work? where was all of this going? what was i building besides a precarious future & debt? deep breath. in. out. soft sweet arid aftertaste. elevated perspective. at least i'm having a good time. & the smile on my face went deeper than my stone. time to simplify. time to harmonize. time to do what i was born to do. be who i was born to be. no striving required. just diligent, loving attention. just love, love, love...


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